France & the Revolution for Equality…

by Barry M-C on May 29, 2013

For a country founded upon the demand for equality, liberty, and fraternity, that produced The Declaration of the Rights of Man and of the Citizen, that overthrew a regime based on special privilege… the reports of thousands marching in Paris against extending equality and equal rights for all are immensely disappointing.

Further, such denial of equal rights for others undermines the foundations of one’s own rights. As Nicolas de Condorcet declared during efforts in the National Assembly in 1790 to extend those rights to women: “he who votes against the right of another, whatever the religion, color, or sex of that other, has henceforth abjured his own”.

On a brighter note, the change in law now means that loving couples can get married; and, just days after President Hollande signed the law into effect, a gay couple in Montpellier became the first to wed under the new law: well done and best wishes to the happy couple, MonsieurVincent Autin and Monsieur Bruno Boileau!


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