Father Robert Sirico presents Pope Francis with PovertyCure DVD

by Barry M-C on September 25, 2013

Absolutely thrilled to spot a Tweet tonight (HT: @eliseamyx) reporting that my good friend and Founder of the Acton Institute, Father Robert Sirico, had earlier this month presented Pope Francis a copy of the PovertyCure DVD series.

(Reference: pic.twitter.com/Xna60uh5XR)

PovertyCure is one of the most exciting initiatives that I’ve seen in recent years aimed at addressing how we lift people and countries out of poverty.  After decades of international development aid, there is a growing realisation that government to government aid simply has not worked; indeed, there are scores of case studies showing that it has made things worse.

How to tackle poverty?  Enterprise, economic growth, wealth creation through freeing-up markets, establishing private property rights under the rule of law.

It is difficult not to be moved by PovertyCure’s introductory video, below, and I thoroughly recommend exploring its website, www.povertycure.org for more information on how we can help extend the market order and the promise of a better tomorrow to all our brothers and sisters across the world.

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