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by Barry M-C on March 24, 2012

As I was completing the first year of my undergraduate studies in Economics at the University of York, I was recommended to apply for a summer seminar in the USA organised by the Institute for Humane Studies.  This was my first trip to America and it utterly changed my life.  IHS’ Liberty & Society seminar proved to be the most intellectually exciting week of my life – and, if you can attend an IHS seminar, you must!

Beginning with a bound set of readings, spanning Austrian and Public Choice Economics, politics, history, philosophy, and law, an IHS seminar brings together great professors and around 40 students eager to learn more about this great ideal of liberty.

The inter-disciplinary nature of the seminar underlines how liberty and the market are not solely the province of any one subject; not economics nor philosophy nor law or politics alone can explain, ground or defend the free society.  Understanding the richness of market process and institutions and the morality that underpins them requires those inter-disciplinary insights that are at the very heart of every IHS seminar.

Lasting friendships were forged at that first seminar; and attendance opens the door to a community of scholars, activists and teachers collectively working to advance human knowledge about liberty, about how markets work and how, all too often, even the most well-intentioned of goverment interventions go invariably astray.

The deadline for applying is 31st March – to apply: click here.

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