IES-Europe Seminar in Gummersbach: Apply NOW!

by Barry M-C on April 9, 2012

Professor Doug Rasmussen discusses the morality underpinning markets, neo-Aristotelianism and the political framework necessary for pursuing the good life

Fancy spending a free week in Gummersbach, Germany, this summer exploring the ideas of liberty in the company of leading scholars of freedom and like-minded students from across Europe and beyond?

Organised by my friends at IES-Europe, your week in Gummersbach will see youl learn about the institutions and dynamics of markets, drawing heavily on the Austrian School of economics.  You’ll study the history, morality and legal structures that underpin the free society.  And, you’ll be introduced to public choice analysis of politics, and how the well-intentioned plans of the government too often go wrong, causing unintended consequences that are worse than the problems they were addressing.

As a taster of the week, this useful interview with one of IES-Europe’s regular lecturers, Professor Doug Rasmussen, on  Cato’s Daily Podcast is worth a listen.  Doug discusses how liberalism should be properly understood and the political and moral underpinning of a free society.  Doug’s interview ends with a moving tribute to Professor Tibor Machan – who is at Gummersbach this year – and the lasting influence Tibor has had in influencing so many (including me) to get interested in the philosophical defence of  freedom – which Doug has celebrated in a recent collection of essays edited with Doug Den Uyl and Aeon Skoble, Reality, Reason, and Rights: Essays in Honor of Tibor R. Machan.

With a line-up of scholars including Professors , Pierre Garello, and Tibor Machan, your week in Gummersbach will be a week that will change your intellectual life forever.  Apply now! (Closing deadline is May 10th 2012.)


Some great links for Randy, Pierre and Tibor are here:

Randy Barnett’s blog and discussing about his book, The Structure of Liberty.

Pierre Garello interviewed by on the Flat Tax and via IREF on how bad economic measures are crowding out good ideas in French politics.

Tibor Machan’s blog and an interview last year on C-Span.

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